Why Is My AC Not Cooling?

Why Is My AC Not Cooling?

Investing in a high-quality air conditioner is a worthwhile investment for households. Summer’s oppressive heat may be debilitating. You can’t go wrong with a reliable air conditioner. It can be frustrating when your AC doesn’t cool your home enough.

If your air conditioner stops working all the way, it’s clear that there’s a big problem that needs to be fixed by AC installation in Sarasota. But it’s a bit harder to figure out what’s wrong when your air conditioner is on, but the air isn’t cold enough.

Your Air Conditioner May Not be Cooling You Properly For These Five Reasons.

Improper Thermostat Setting

If your split or window AC isn’t cooling, you should examine the thermostat’s operation. You have a problem if your air conditioner alternates between blowing cool air and lukewarm air. The thermostat settings should be set to auto mode in this circumstance.

Air Filter Filled With Dirt

Your AC system may have an air filter near the air handler. The air handler filter captures dirt, dust, and other airborne particles. It keeps system components running smoothly and can help clean your home’s air. A clogged air filter can limit home cooling.

Unclean Compressor

You should always ensure that the area around your air conditioner’s compressor is clean. The unit will not work right if dirt and other things get in the way. In this case, you can have your compressor cleaned. Make sure your AC gets cleaned and maintained the right way.

Leaking Coolant

A condenser unit outside your home receives the heat from inside your house via refrigerant. There will be insufficient heat expulsion if your system has a refrigerant leak. Your air conditioner will run, but you won’t be able to enjoy the best possible temperature.

Damaged Motor

A malfunctioning or broken fan motor will prevent the outdoor unit from effectively dissipating heat, reducing the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Split or window AC units that don’t cool should only be fixed by someone who knows how to install HVAC in Sarasota.

Small Air Conditioner

An undersized AC unit is to blame if your air conditioner has trouble reaching and maintaining the desired temperature on hot days. An air conditioner that constantly operates but does not chill your home will significantly increase your utility expenses and wear down your entire system.

What To Do In This Situation?

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, do the following things to make it work better:

  • Cool your thermostat to below room temperature.
  • Unplug humidifiers.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Open and unblock supply and return vents.

Maintaining your air conditioner helps the system to operate efficiently while keeping operating expenses low. Trusted experts will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

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Even a slight problem with your air conditioner might result in a costly system replacement. Air Comfort Services can help if your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air. It’s essential for your comfort and the health of your AC system. Contact us to find out about AC repair in Sarasota.

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