What Do You Need To Replace Your Air Filter?

What Do You Need To Replace Your Air Filter?

Air conditioner owners need to be aware of their air conditioners parts and components. Knowing this basic information and details about such parts can help them save money and time in the future. They can fix those parts or components themselves without contacting a professional technician for  air conditioning repair in Sarasota.

Here is What You Need To Know About Your Air Filters.

One of the important parts of an air conditioner that needs regular attention is the air filters. If you take proper care of your air filters, you can avoid numerous problems from clogged and dirty air filters.

Importance of Air Filters

Air filters purify indoor air and free it from pollutants, allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and pet hair. If your family suffers from breathing issues, you must clean your air filters regularly. Moreover, air filters ensure a smooth airflow within the air conditioner and ensure no dust enters the system that may damage its parts.

Several air conditioner owners wonder what will happen if they run their cooling systems without air filters. Running an air conditioner without its air filters can pose as many threats as running an air conditioner with dirty air filters.

Steps to Replace Air Filters

You do not need to possess complex gadgets to replace your air filters. If you are not sure about replacing your air filters yourself, you can contact a professional technician who provides AC replacement in Sarasota, FL, to teach you the same.

Unplug your air conditioner to avoid getting electric shocks. Remove the panel that covers the air filters, take the filter out and replace it with a new one in the same slot. Put the panel back in place and start using your air conditioner.

Problems Due to Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters will decrease the indoor air quality of your home. Your air conditioner will have to work extra due to obstacles in the airflow, leading to increased energy bills and wear and tear damage.

You may face problems like ice formation and bacterial growth within the system. The system may unexpectedly break down if you continue using your air conditioner without or with dirty air filters.

Frequency of Changing Air Filters

There is no fixed answer or number for how many times you should replace your air filters. It depends on several factors that differ from home to home. The factors clog your air filters so you can analyze them and decide your frequency.

If you live in an area with too much dust, your air filters will get dirty more often. If you use your air conditioner extensively, the air filters will collect more dust and get dirty faster than usual. Pet hair can also clog your air filters and create problems if you have pets in your home.


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