The Benefits Of Two-Stage Equipment For Your A/C System

The Benefits Of Two-Stage Equipment For Your A/C System

As summertime is around the corner, many people have now started getting their Air conditioning systems to beat the summer heat of Sarasota. It is only fair if you look up air conditioning companies in Sarasota on the internet with the hopes of installing a machine to keep you and your room cool throughout the day.

Nowadays, many air conditioning companies in Sarasota have started manufacturing Air conditioners with two-stage cooling compared to the conventional one-stage cooling system. This two-stage cooling is more power-efficient and further lowers the load on the compressor. 

What Is Two-Stage Cooling?

A two-stage cooling implies that your air-conditioner comes with an AC compressor that holds two levels of operations. These two levels of compressors work differently on a hotter and less humid day, thereby increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. 

What Is The Difference Between One-Stage and Two-Stage AC Equipment?

Apart from lesser energy consumption, compared to one-stage equipment that is constantly on and off according to the room’s temperature, leaving you uncomfortable, the two-stage equipment of your A/C reduces the humidity more efficiently. In you’re Ac is not working fine, then contact experts for Sarasota air conditioning service.

This two-stage air conditioner system employs a blower that proportionately diminishes airflow over the evaporator coil at a moderate output. This reduced airflow at the evaporator coil ends in more efficient humidity control, making this two-stage machine different from the one-stage equipment. 

A conventional efficiency air conditioner that holds a one-stage compressor delivers 100 percent output at all times, which is not required throughout the day. In a high-efficiency two-stage air conditioner, the compressor automatically falls to a lower output rate of about 67 percent, which is a great way to save energy. 

Mentioned Below Are Some of the Benefits of Two-Stage Cooling.

  • More Comprehensive Energy Performance: A two-stage air conditioner compressor operates at a moderate output most of the time; it pulls less power and energy as juxtaposed with a one-stage unit operating steadily at 100 percent output. In addition to this, Two-stage cooling can further reduce the cooling part of your utility costs by a potential 30 percent.
  • Increased Comfort Level: A single-stage air conditioner compressor cycles on and off constantly. During the off-cycle, your rooms can get heated to excruciating levels on a humid day, further demanding additional power to cool them back down when the air conditioner unit commences again. On the other hand, a two-stage air conditioner compressor operates almost constantly at a lower output, reducing the distress when the compressor goes in off-cycle.
  • Less Noisy Air Conditioning System: While this is not the main reason why people choose a two-stage cooling, this is an added benefit that you can get when you go for two-Stage equipment for your A/C System. As this system works on low power, it further cuts down and reduces the noise levels, which is good news for the light sleepers. 

All the points mentioned above infers that two-stage equipment for your A/C system can hold immense benefits, and it can further cut down on your utility bills. 

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