Is Switching Back and Forth Between My AC and Heater Okay?

Is Switching Back and Forth Between My AC and Heater Okay?

Switching back and forth between the air conditioning and heating supplies of your home or workplace can help make sure your climate is maintained in the most comfortable setting at all times. 

One common question we hear a lot for an HVAC Sarasota is if switching back and forth between an AC and Heater is okay. The answer to all homeowners is yes, but only if you follow the correct process.

This article will help you understand how to use an air conditioner and heater at the same time without affecting its efficiency.

The Ideal Process You Need To Follow

If it’s cold outside, we turn on a heater, but after some time, due to temperature change, you might feel hot and wish to switch to an AC.

  • In such cases, allow the unit to finish its current cycle. 
  • Once the cycle is complete, shut down the system and wait for five minutes.
  • Now, switch back to another mode you wish to continue; in this case, it will be switching on an air conditioner.

The reason behind the five-minute wait time is you need to give some time to the refrigerant to go back to the starting pressure.

Benefits Of Following The Correct Process

  • Avoids Compressor Lock-Up

If you immediately switch between two different modes, the pressure to the unit is very high at the start of the cycle and, this leads to a situation called compressor lock-up. 

A compressor lock-up consumes more energy and will cause the tripping of a fuse or circuit breaker. If you experience any such issues with your system, contact our  heater services Sarasota FL.

You should always wait for a few minutes and give the HVAC system time to rest before switching between modes.

  • Avoids Unnecessary Pressure On The System And Maintains Its Efficiency

Quickly switching between different modes puts a lot of pressure on the HVAC system to maintain the desired temperature at your home. You can avoid this situation by setting up the thermostat to Auto mode.

This setting helps save additional costs and is meant for places with drastic temperature changes in the area. The auto setting on the thermostat indicates the HVAC system to run only when it is necessary.

If the home temperature falls below the desired temperature, the system turns on automatically, the energy consumption is less and, the system is free from frequent wear and tear.

Important Points To Remember

  • Do not make drastic temperature changes while switching between an AC or a heater. Make minor adjustments and allow the system to work efficiently.
  • The correct process is to change the temperature a few degrees initially. Then minor temperature adjustments until you attain the perfect temperature. 

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