HVAC System – 4 Places Most Likely To Grow Mold

HVAC System – 4 Places Most Likely To Grow Mold

An HVAC system is itself a blessing in disguise. But to ensure its optimum performance, it is necessary to maintain the condition of the HVAC system to prevent any repairs or breakdowns. This includes looking out for any weird noises, pungent smells, leakages, and so on. 

Sometimes you may experience your HVAC unit releasing pungent odors. In such scenarios, one must take immediate action and call in for  AC repair in Sarasota to get the problem fixed. This may be because of some mold growing inside your HVAC system. 

Places Where The Mold Is Most Likely To Grow In Your HVAC Unit

If you smell any pungent odors coming out of your HVAC unit, there may be mold growing inside your HVAC system. Make sure you act immediately because the pungent odors can cause serious health hazards and breathing problems. Check the molds in the following places – 

  • The Air Ducts

Molds can be growing inside the air ducts. This happens when your HVAC system is installed in a warm place inside the house when there is high moisture content. Some signs indicating that some mold is growing inside the air ducts include experiencing itchy eyes, smell pungent odors, and feel nauseous unbearable headaches. Do not wait for visible signs and take action immediately. Instead, call in an expert for help. 

  • The Drain Pan

Sometimes your HVAC unit experiences clogged drains. If the drain pan is dirty and often neglected, there may be mold growing in the pan. 

  • Air Vents

Your HVAC system draws out heat and moisture. This may cause the air vents of your HVAC unit to collect mold. Ensure you either replace the air vents regularly or wash the evaporator coils to prevent any mold from growing outside your HVAC. 

  • The Condensate Drain

The drainpipe allows water to go to the drain pan. However, this pipe must be replaced or washed regularly to prevent any fungus or mold from building up in it.

How To Prevent Any Mold From Growing In Your HVAC unit?

Follow the tips given below to make sure you prevent the growth of mold in your HVAC unit – 

  • Invest In A Suitable Quality Mold Inhibitor

The inhibitor will prevent the growth of mildew and mold from your HVAC. Using an inhibitor can prevent the growth of the mold for up to 2 years.

  • Use A Wet Vacuum Cleaner.

This wipes out any remaining water from your HVAC unit.

  • Use A Disinfectant

Purchase an ETA-approved disinfectant and spray it around your HVAC system on the mold’s areas that are most likely to grow.

  • Replace Your Unit’s Air Filters

Dirty air filters are home to fungi and bacteria.

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