How To Secure AC From Storms

How To Secure AC From Storms

Do You Need to Secure AC Against From Big Storms?

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It is not something most of us consider. Storms, on the other hand, can often destroy equipment in and around housing units. Strong gusts, high water levels, and even lightning strikes can cause issues. Though services for AC repairs in Sarasota are easily available, we can not neglect the fact that it can also be dangerous on some occasions. Secure AC against Big storms.


Below are some measures to cope with storms and their corresponding inconveniences.

Including Appropriate Insurance Riders

Although standard homeowners’ insurance will cover some storm damage, if you reside in an area prone to flooding, hurricanes, or tornadoes, you may want to add a rider to cover these specific events. Each year, nearly one in every 50 insured houses has a property damage claim due to wind, hail, or water damage.

Turn Off the Power

Make sure that you and other family members understand how to access your electric circuit breaker and switch off the electricity in your home in the event of a strong storm. You can protect your system from electrical damage if debris becomes stuck in a running unit by shutting off the breaker linked with your HVAC or air conditioning unit.

Consider Surge Protection

There are numerous varieties of surge protectors on the market today. You can either buy a whole-house surge protector to safeguard everything linked to your electrical system against electrical surges, or you can attach individual surge protectors to major appliances or electronic equipment. However, if the unit is already damaged, you can call for HVAC repair in Bradenton, FL.

Purchase a Generator

There are various types of generators available, including ones that turn on automatically when the electricity goes off. Having a generator backup is a great method to keep your air conditioning system functioning even during the most severe storms.

The Condenser Should Be Protected

To function properly, the condenser requires open air circulation. In a storm, though, you may want to temporarily cover your condenser with a tarp to protect it from flying debris. (However, make sure to switch off your system first.) Small objects, such as twigs and leaves, can easily become trapped inside the condenser and cause your motor or other equipment to malfunction.

Get Your Yard Ready

It may seem like an odd precaution, but making sure your trees are trimmed, dead branches are removed, and yard items are stored will assist in protecting your air conditioning unit and your property in general during a major storm.

No matter what the weather is like outside, preserving the safety of your air conditioner and other household appliances requires only a little planning and action. 

Our AC company in Sarasota wants to help you to do the same and protect your investment in your air conditioning system. If  you need to Secure AC. Call us, or request service online for a new system, preventive maintenance, repairs, or general information about storms and your air conditioning system. Give us a call now if you’re ready to ensure the appliances in your home are safe in any condition.

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