How often should AC be serviced in Sarasota, Florida?

How often should AC be serviced in Sarasota, Florida?

How Often Should AC be Serviced in Sarasota, Florida?

Air conditioners degrade over time and need regular maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency. Air conditioners collect dust, pollen, and other pollutants in their filters. It can affect your air conditioners’ effectiveness and cool less even after running constantly.

An AC service in Sarasota, FL, will remove and clean all filters to ensure that only fresh, healthy air is circulated into the space. Cleaning and maintenance are recommended by all major air conditioning manufacturers twice a year to remove dust and other contaminants.

When to Schedule AC Service?

Having your air conditioner serviced once a year is recommended, but you should also perform periodic checks and cleanings to keep it in top shape. Pre-springtime appointments for AC maintenance and repairs are advised.

Which Seasons Are Not Suitable For AC Service?

Many believe scheduling AC service in Sarasota, FL, in the summer and winter are the best options. However, this is not correct. Schedules are the busiest in the summer, so you may have to wait for availability.

On the other hand, fixing AC units in winter is not a good idea. Your air conditioner contains oil. It may not function optimally in freezing weather. Instead of worrying about the AC in the winter, you should focus on keeping warm inside.

Common Signs That Your AC Needs Service

You should also look out for these warning signs to schedule an AC service:

  • Leakages: The presence of standing water or an active leak surrounding your air conditioner indicates that it isn’t functioning correctly. Get in touch with AC service in Sarasota, FL, to solve the issue.
  • Hot Air: If warm air comes out of your vents, it may be time to have your air conditioner serviced. It could mean that the compressor is malfunctioning or your system needs more refrigerant.
  • Moisture: Your air conditioning system should automatically adjust the humidity in your home. An AC repair is necessary if the humidity levels in the home rise above or fall below the acceptable threshold.

The Importance Of Routine AC Service

Air conditioners that are serviced regularly can perform better and use less energy. A non-serviced air conditioner may use more electricity to cool the space, or it may not cool the space and pollute indoor air quality.

It also causes an increase in dust and allergens in your house. The technician performing maintenance on your air conditioner will inspect it for gas leaks and any other problems preventing it from functioning at peak efficiency.

In the long run, ignoring a minor problem can lead to a much more costly one. Preventative maintenance, early problem detection, and swift repair help cut costs. Contact the best HVAC services around you to ensure your air conditioner lasts more than a decade.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Be proactive about beating the summer heat by keeping up with routine AC servicing. Call Air Comfort Services LLC to learn more about AC service in Sarasota, FL. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (941) 355-4444.

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