How many hours a day should your AC run in Florida?

How many hours a day should your AC run in Florida?

How Many Hours A Day Should Your AC Run in Florida?

An air conditioner is a highly effective appliance for relieving the oppressive heat of summer. You can control a room’s temperature with the help of an air conditioner, which works to keep the space at a constant level throughout the day.

The cost of operating an air conditioner is higher than other commonly used household appliances. Hence, an air conditioner needs to maximize energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature during the summer.

How Long Should Your AC Run?

Your air conditioner should take about 20 minutes to stabilize the indoor temperature to the level you want. The amount of time an air conditioner runs to achieve the desired temperature is known as its cycle.

The air conditioner will take a break until the temperature rises above the threshold you set. The air conditioner will restart after the thermostat instructs it to do so. If your air conditioner seems to be constantly on, it’s probably draining a lot of energy.

Preventable problems with air conditioners are easy to avoid with regular maintenance and the right unit size. The length of its operation and the number of cycles it completes are conditional upon several factors.

Factors Affecting Your AC Run Time

  • Your House’s Size

The cooling cycles in your home are extremely dependent on the size of your home. It takes more time to cool a larger home than a smaller one, especially if the air conditioner is undersized for the home’s size. Seek help from AC maintenance in Florida in this case.

  • Incorrect Unit Sizing

Your air conditioner is probably too big for your home if it only runs for 15-20 minutes and cycles on and off more than four times an hour. However, if your home is too large for your air conditioner, it will not be able to cool the space adequately.

  • Thermostat Issues

Your air conditioner’s cooling time will increase if there is a large disparity between the outside and indoor temperatures and the thermostat setting. You can cut the use of your air conditioner in half by raising the thermostat by just a few degrees.

  • Insulation

If your home lacks adequate insulation, your air conditioner will need to be run more frequently to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. If you suspect your insulation is inadequate, checking for adequate ventilation and adding more insulation are good places to start.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner routinely will help it run more efficiently for a longer period. However, if you don’t service it regularly, it will quickly become inefficient, requiring more energy to run for longer and struggling to meet cooling demands.

Contact the best AC maintenance in Florida

Regular maintenance and tune-ups performed by skilled specialists at Air comfort services LLC can save you money on electricity costs and help you avoid the need for unexpected repairs.

Performing maintenance once a year will keep your unit in top shape and it will continue to run efficiently. Call us at (941) 355-4444 to set up an appointment for AC maintenance in Florida.

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