Can Solar Energy and a Heat Pump Work Together?

Can Solar Energy and a Heat Pump Work Together?

Although solar energy is an excellent source of clean energy, it is also a great asset to an ecosystem. Property owners can use solar energy more effectively by combining their solar systems with HVAC in Sarasota, such as electric heat pumps, to provide control of temperature.

1. The Benefits of Combining Solar Energy With the Heat Pump:

  • The Efficiency of a Combined Heating System.

It is important to keep in mind that Sarasota’s HVAC system functions most efficiently from October to December, while the least amount of efficiency is shown from February to April.

For solar thermal heaters, the best efficiency (during the colder season) is only available from February to March, and the affordable rate is found between November through December. Thus the two heating systems can complement each other effectively.

Solar panels also improve the effectiveness of ground source heat pumps, and ensure that consumers benefit most from the synergy. For any kind of help contact a heat pump repairing expert in Sarasota, FL.

  • Reduces the Carbon Footprint of Buildings.

The advantage of combining solar panels with heat pumps is that they benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. Although this is important for homes, it has more value for office and commercial buildings. A solution like this can significantly improve organizational operations in a world moving towards more conscious consumption and in an age when carbon footprint is a significant concern.

  • This Allows for the Maximum Utilization of Solar Energy.

Many must be aware that domestic solar panel applications permit homeowners to use only approximately 50 percent of the energy produced. The remainder is fed to the grid, depriving homeowners of storing energy to use in the future.

With the help of heat pumps, this issue can be solved to a large extent. The best AC companies in Sarasota suggest that air and ground heat pumps permit people to boost their solar use by about 20 percent.

  • Both Technologies are Becoming More Accessible.

For homeowners who want to make their purchases more appealing, the growing affordability of solar heat pumps is a significant reason. In addition to the regular price drops, both alternatives will be eligible for government rebates and incentives.

Solar panels, specifically, have a variety of financing and incentives. This makes switching to renewable energy-based technologies much easier for the pocket. It also puts less stress on the heat pumps. Contact our qualified professional anytime for heat pump repairs in Sarasota, FL, to get your service done.

What Happens If the Solar Panels Do Not Generate Enough Electric Power?

When your panels cannot generate enough power to provide power to your air source heat pumps, you’ll be able to get the grid’s energy to satisfy your needs. Be aware that you’ll be charged for all energy you use by the grid. Therefore, it is vital to obtain an expert evaluation of the number of solar panels you can use to supply power to your air heat source.

Bottom Line

This system uses renewable energy sources to make maintaining pleasant, energy-efficient homes easier and more affordable than ever before. With the choice of solar power and heat pumps, people can maintain the comfort of their homes to get the best energy savings!

If you’ve decided to buy a heater, and you are still determining what type you’d like, contact Air Comfort Services, the best AC company in Sarasota, to assist you. Call us at (941) 355 4444 to schedule an appointment today.

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