Air Conditioning Service in Sarasota, Florida

Air Conditioning Service in Sarasota, Florida and Surrounding Areas

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If you need Air Conditioning Service in Sarasota, Florida, look no further than Air Comfort Services for top-notch service, competitive pricing, and 24/7 emergency services.

People living in Florida can’t survive the heat without AC, and with continuous use, they need efficient maintenance and tune-up services so that it lasts longer and is cooler than ever. So, trust us with your air conditioning needs and let our professionals handle the troubles.

Your air conditioner needs maintenance to be ready for the Florida warmth, and it can be hard to find the right contractor for this annual work, let alone someone to trust with repairs, tune-ups, replacement services, and air conditioning installation in Sarasota, FL.

Check out the reviews from our many happy customers, with more than 68 years of experience and consistent quality, it’s no wonder we’ve made a splash in the Sarasota community.

Why is AC Service In Sarasota Important?

Your air conditioner loses its efficiency by about 5% every year due to wear and tear. It needs regular services to run at its peak performance. Even if it is working in good condition, you should get AC services at least once a year to avoid many problems.

Improves Air Quality

Dirt, dust, and bacteria can gather inside your AC and make your indoor air quality poor. It can have a severe impact on asthma patients or people with allergies. AC service includes changing and replacing your air filters to make sure you breathe clean air and stay safe.

Increase Lifespan

With regular AC service, you won't need an AC replacement for a long time. Your unit will stay in an optimum working condition satisfying all your cooling needs for more years to come.

Save Energy Costs

With regular AC service, you won't need an AC replacement for a long time. Your unit will stay in an optimum working condition satisfying all your cooling needs for more years to come.

Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

A professional will examine and inspect all the parts of your unit. Your whole system gets cleaned. Any potential problem will be identified and treated early before it becomes a big issue requiring massive repairs.

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Air Conditioning Services in Sarasota

Let us help you with your AC needs, our technicians have extensive experience and training to work on any make or model of the air conditioner. Whether your AC isn’t fully cooling the home or it’s just time for seasonal maintenance, our services help you get better performance and lower your energy bills.

The technicians at Air Comfort Services know their work and stay on top of the latest developments in the field so you don’t have to be an expert of HVAC in Sarasota, you can have one at your door ready to help instead. In addition to the refreshed feeling, you’ll have a cooler home, you’ll delight in our courteous service and appreciate how our technicians always leave your home clean after the work is done.

Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Taking care of your AC is key to protecting it as an investment for long-term use. We recommend an annual maintenance visit to restore your AC from frequent use and make sure parts are correctly working and well lubricated. An AC tune-up is another service we offer when your AC is showing signs it’s prone to a breakdown. By cleaning and restoring one or two specific areas prone to breakage, we can prevent breaking and unnecessary AC repair in Sarasota.

Why Choose Air Comfort Services?

Choosing a company to hand over your HVAC needs isn’t always easy. You want to make sure you are working with a company who will provide you with the best air conditioning service in Sarasota and there are many self claiming number one HVAC companies in the market. 


Let’s talk about some the advantages of working with our highly qualified team!

24 Hour Service

Emergencies can come at any time, and at such times you need someone reliable to solve your problem. We are always available to help you out with our 24-hour emergency services. 

Expert Technicians

Our technicians have vast knowledge and experience in treating your heating and cooling systems of all brands and models. 

Affordable Prices

Our high-quality services come at unbelievable prices. When you contact us, we offer clear and written estimates, with no extra or hidden charges in the future. 

On-Time Services

An HVAC breakdown can cause you and your family discomfort, so we always try our best to arrive and solve all your problems as quickly as possible.

When You Need a Repair - 24 Hour Service

Air Conditioning Service in Sarasota
Our certified technicians will fix any make or model of an air conditioner using a step by step approach to locate the issue and test the final results. We offer written estimates so you’ll have a clear picture of what needs fixing and how much it will cost.

Whether it’s time to install a new AC with higher efficiency than your old one or time to get a tune-up, Air Comfort Services will bring you affordable pricing, experience, and most importantly results. Call us today at 941-355-4444 to schedule your next AC appointment.

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One should prefer servicing their air conditioning system every year or at least once. Many signs indicate the need for AC servicing:

  • Loud operation noise
  • Bad smell circulation
  • Often tripping of circuit breaker
  • Least cooling level
  • Warm and weak airflow

AC degrades faster than expected due to neglected AC servicing. To avoid premature AC damage and expensive repairs, you should not run your AC without annual  AC services in Sarasota, Fl. 

The noisy operation, high electricity usage, AC is shutting off frequently, weak airflow, etc., drawbacks of not servicing AC.

Wait until the coils get completely dry. It will take approx 30 to 60 minutes. After this, you can turn your AC On.

Yes, you can. Nowadays, coil cleaning sprays can easily remove stubborn dirt particles.
You can also use a detergent with water and spray this on the coils to clean them. Turn your AC On only after the coil gets completely dry.

The AC servicing usually takes two hours, but if there is a need for any repair,  AC service in Sarasota, FL,   can take 3 to 4 hours. Also, If your AC lacks servicing for over two years, the process may take more time.

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