AC Problems And The Noises They Make

AC Problems And The Noises They Make

A noisy air conditioning system might be indicating issues with your unit while it is still operating. If the noise starts to affect the environment,  call a company for AC repair in Sarasota to inspect your system. 

Noise is a sign that something is wrong with your cooling system. Let us discuss what the air conditioning system wants to convey with the help of different noises it may be producing.

Decrypting the AC Repair Issues with the help of Different Sounds

It is easy to find the solution to the problem when you know what the problem is, that is causing so much trouble. According to the air conditioning installation in Sarasota, FL, here are some sounds and their meanings that you should be are of, if you own an air conditioning system:

  • Hissing Noise

A hissing noise is always related to leakage issues in the AC system. If you hear a hissing noise near the outdoor AC unit, immediately try to find the source of the sound. You can put duct tape over the fault area if there is a small hole or gap in the refrigeration lines.

You should never ignore leakage in the ductwork because the compressor will struggle to produce efficient services. The increased workload will exhaust the system and likely break down a little earlier than expected.

  • Rattling Noise

If the AC system makes a rattling noise during operation, switch off the system and inspect it thoroughly. The external debris and clutter inside the system cause a rattling noise. Loose mechanical bolts or parts are also responsible for disturbing the environment when the AC system works.

However, if you find the motor is functioning improperly, call the AC repair in Sarasota to replace the motor or capacitor that powers the motor. Using a malfunctioning motor will affect the quality of the service.

  • Screeching Noise

Screeching noises are because of worn down parts and can only be fixed by replacing the damaged component. When there is a shortage of lubricant or the blower belt is worn down to work, you may hear screeching noise.

It is recommended to call the air conditioning installation in Sarasota, FL, to examine the system before repairing the worn-down belt.

  • Banging and Clicking Noises

Suppose the AC system starts to produce a banging noise if there is an issue with the compressor. Apart from loose bolts and screws, it can also mean displacement of indoor blower motors.

Clicking is another noise that indicates your system will break down soon because of compressor failure. It can also mean that electrical issues need to be addressed immediately.


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