7 Major Air Conditioner Problems To Avoid

7 Major Air Conditioner Problems To Avoid

If your air conditioner unexpectedly stops working, it may not be as challenging to repair as you believe. You should have an  air conditioning repair in Sarasota  to analyze any difficulties you cannot handle yourself. 

7 Typical Air Conditioner Issues To Avoid.

Fan Problems

One fan circulates air over the evaporator coil of your interior unit to cool the air. In contrast, another fan circulates air over the condenser of your outdoor unit to release the absorbed heat outside the building.

If any of these fans malfunction, you will experience insufficient ventilation and problems with your air conditioner. It can be accounted to a lack of oil, worn belts, or excessive dirt and debris.

Water Leakage

On hot summer days, you can observe a pool of water growing outside the home beneath the air conditioner’s compressor.

It could be caused by several issues, including but not limited to an inadequate AC seal, a dry air filter, a broken condensate pan, improper installation, etc.

Dirty Filter

Since your air conditioner will be operating more frequently than it does throughout the rest of the year, your air filter may become clogged more quickly than usual.

This summer, you should inspect and change your filter at least once every month to prevent significant problems with the HVAC in the Sarasota system’s efficiency and airflow.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil will freeze if your air conditioner is deprived of the necessary amount of air to operate. If the evaporator coil freezes, your air conditioner may stop functioning entirely.

Lack of AC maintenance in Sarasota will cause inappropriate airflow in the system may be caused by clogged vents and ducts, dirty filters, or a faulty fan.

Ice On Top

In homes with air conditioning, ice collection is a common issue. If the fan blower belt were to become damaged, ice might form within the unit, reducing the cooling system’s effectiveness.

Power down the device and remove the lid to check for ice accumulation on or below the filter. If you discover any, the issue is likely due to an accumulation of ice.

Unusual Sounds

Sounds like humming, buzzing, or slamming emanating from your HVAC in Sarasota usually signal numerous units are malfunctioning.

A minor humming sound from your air conditioner may be considered standard. Contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent any potentially significant damage to your AC.

Warm Air

If hot air is escaping from your vents, it could indicate a dirty air filter, an obstruction in the ducts, or debris causing the compressor to overheat. It is also possible if there is insufficient refrigerant.

You should replace your air filters every one to two months and get your ducts cleaned annually. Always have a certified technician inspect air conditioning units for leakage before adding more refrigerant.


Air conditioners are great for cooling off during hot weather. It is vital to comprehend the elements contributing to AC problems and take the appropriate measures to address them.

In addition, take the necessary precautions to extend the life of your air conditioning system by booking services with Air Comfort for AC maintenance in Sarasota.

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