‌‌3 Problems Caused By An Oversized Air Conditioner

‌‌3 Problems Caused By An Oversized Air Conditioner

As the summers are approaching, there is a rise in demand for AC maintenance and new AC installations. Especially in Sarasota, the summers are really hot and humid where we are in dire need of air conditioners. An air conditioner works by cooling the air circulation in a closed space while removing humidity as well.

Just as efficient cooling is necessary while getting an AC, size is also a major factor. Unfortunately, many people often neglect this aspect. If the AC unit is too big for your room, then it can lead to several problems. Hence, identifying and choosing the perfect-sized AC for your home is the key to relaxed summers.

It is important to contact  Sarasota air conditioning contractors for detailed air quality control services, providing you with the best possible solutions. You can consult highly experienced crews who are well qualified and skilled to maneuver all air conditioning system problems.

If Your AC is Too Big For Your Home, You Will Face At Least One Of  The Following Three Problems:

  • AC is turning on/off by itself: An air conditioning unit usually takes about 10-15 minutes or a few more to cool the home properly. However, if your home is getting cold too quickly, like less than 10 minutes, then your AC might be oversized. Since an oversized AC is too strong for your room, it will quickly cool your room and then shut off. You will see a spike in your electricity bills and the deterioration of the AC.
  • The air is still humid: Removing excess humidity from the air is also one of AC’s main operations. This is especially needed for hot and humid summers of Sarasota, Fl. If your AC is correctly sized, it will maintain an indoor humidity level of 30–50%. But if it is oversized, then it will fail to regulate the humidity levels. Therefore, if your home feels as humid as it was before turning on the AC, then your AC is probably oversized.
  • Spiked energy bills: Your AC is composed of many elements and motors inside. If your AC turns on and shut off frequently, as aforementioned, these motors draw more current than usual. This will eventually spike up your energy bills. That’s why you should consider AC repair Sarasota.

Hence, if you suddenly notice increased energy bills, you are more likely to have an oversized AC.

Things to calculate before installing an air-circulation unit:

  • Area of your home in square foot.
  • No. of windows and doors in your home.
  • Total rooms in your home.
  • Your place’s climate.
  • The insulation levels in your home.
  • Effectiveness of your home’s duct.

Consult Professional AC services

Besides regular AC servicing and maintenance, it is prudent to call a professional to avoid further risks. The most basic technique to get the right-sized AC is to calculate the cooling load required for your home.

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